Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Disgraced Racist News hounds "writer" whines about mostly Blacks ON Fox.

On Monday the Disgraced Newshounds "writer" made 35 posts about people ON Fox News.

Of that 24 were about Black people and 11 White people.

While I count 24 I cant seem to find the post I'm missing so there are only 23 links here. I'm sure its a Harris one....I just cant figure out which ones is missing. Since I'm sure I am wasting my time anyway.....I give up.

Herman Cain

Pastor Mark Burns

Katrina Pierson

Sheriff Clarke

Harris Faulkner

Of the 35 here are the 11  links for the white people on Fox he whined about.


Trump person (I don't know her name.)

Jessie Walters

Pat (dont know last name)

Gov Mike Huckabee

Laura Ingraham not said on Fox?

3pm Business show guy Varney

Megan McCain

Hannity on radio show NOT said on Fox

One note after re reading ALL of the post about people on Fox News I cant be sure that they were talking about Pastor Burnes appearance on Fox which was around the time of the posts.....or his earlier appearance on MSNBC.

However that is also off set by the fact that I did count in the 11 two posts about Sean Hannity....which were about his radio show and NOT his appearance on Fox News........and one about a twitter post by  Laura Ingraham which I cant tell if she said it on FBN or not.